Da Rules

Da super official, highly enforced rules of da league

Da Most Important Rule

Have Fun!

General Rules

> 2 Halves, 23 Minutes
> 4 on 4 hockey
> See OT notes below

Da Dick’s House of Sport Double Puck

> Da Double Puck is a 2-minute window where goals count as double.

> Each team is awarded one Double Puck opportunity per game.

> Goals are worth double for both teams during Da Dick’s House of Sport Double Puck

Over Time

> OT is a little goofy. 

> It starts with one player from each team on each blue line going 1:1 against a goalie

> Once they score, they race back to the bench and the next player comes out. 

> This repeats until one team scores three goals at which point OT is over.