John Scott, our quasi Commissioner and full-time buzzer is da definition of a beauty. A lifetime grinder on some of da best teams in da NHL, John came into da public eye in 2016 when he was voted into da captaincy of da Pacific Division for da NHL All-Star Game. During that game, he scored two goals and was named MVP and da rest is history.

Originally founded in 2015, da Beauty League wanted to bring beauties together and grow da sport of hockey. To do this we host games with some of da best NHL players at Braemar Arena in Edina and at da end of da season donate da money to a few hockey non-profits.

Our Charities

Our fans are families, die-hard hockey fans, and people that just want to have fun in da summer. People come to see da games, get autographs, and just hang out. There is also a very select group of people that come for da coffee at Braemar – apparently, it’s pretty good hockey rink coffee.