Da Charities

At da end of da day, it’s all about da community

United Heroes League

Da United Heroes League has an outstanding number of team partners, player ambassadors, and corporate partners supporting da mission. They are here to provide sports equipment, offer sports camps, subsidize association fees, and distribute sporting event tickets and special experiences to military children.

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Hendrickson Foundation

Da Hendrickson Foundation seeks to enrich da lives of individuals with disabilities, and their families, through da game of hockey.

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Herb Brooks Foundation

As da Herb Brooks Foundation continues to grow it manages numerous additional programs—golf tournaments, used equipment drives, sponsorship opportunities, etc. All are designed with Herb’s ideas in mind: Improve da game; improve da players; increase their opportunities to play. Herb believed that these methods would develop excellent people. Da results are bearing that out.

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Shine A Ligh7

Shine A Ligh7 is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides support to charitable agencies addressing da critical needs of children. Its vision is a world where no stigma is attached to mental health and youth are empowered to share their stories and let their soul shine.

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